Affordable ACL Repair Surgery in India

Anterior Cruciate Ligament is a component of the knee joint that passes below the femur and runs to the top of the tibia. It is called a cruciform ligament because of its pattern formation. These strong & thick ligaments are supported by the connective tissues of the knee joint to limit extreme forward and backward bending.  The Anterior Cruciate Ligament provides restraining force of 90% to anterior tibial displacement of 30 degrees, and knee flexion is 900. If there is any injury to this ligament or torn then it will cause tremendous pain, swelling and imbalance.

This ligament gets damaged only during forceful motion, i.e. like sports activity, accident or rigorous exercise. If the joint is excessively twisted or bent in the opposite direction, hit suddenly by an object, stopped suddenly during dancing, shift of body weight unknowingly or falling from height can cause ACL tear. The patient can hear a ‘pop sound’ during injury. Later he may experience excess knee & back pain, swelling around the knee joint because of internal bleeding, and limitation in physical movement. Females are more likely to suffer with ACL injury than males because ACL is smaller in them.

Torn ACL cannot be repaired with exercise or medicines, it requires only surgery. ACL Repair Surgery restores stability & knee’s normal function. It will safeguard the joint from further damage. It prevents osteoarthritis and reduces inflammation & unbearable pain.
Arthroscopic surgery makes it easier for many orthopedic surgeons because miniature knee structures are mostly visible with this instrument. The small incisions result inless injury to nearby tissues so the healing is pretty quick. This surgery has less risks compared to open surgery. Age, athlete's type of sport, previous knee injury, leg alignment, and type of graft- autografts or allograft do matter while considering surgery as an option. In least invasive arthroscopic surgery, tiny incisions are made for compatible instruments to enter and perform surgery. With arthroscope it is easy to see and to construct torn ACL, it has little associated risks and the recovery time is faster. The graft from the donor is anchored, pulled, fitted and restored with surgical instruments. This is an outpatient procedure which takes 4-5 hours.

ACL repair surgery done in Indiais 91% successful. The orthopedic surgeons are experienced in performing complex knee surgery in a finest way. ACL repair surgery costs less in India compared to the western countries. Travcure helps in finding the best orthopedic surgeons across the nation who provide latest surgery procedures for affordable cost. The associated hospitals are world renowned and have state of the art technologies and equipments to perform surgeries. Travcure consultants help in arranging medical travel to India. They take care of travel, stay and treatment along with exotic location tourism at very affordable prices.
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