Govt should promote Goa as medical tourism destination: Pankar

HERALD: This was the first such business in the State, what made you venture into this field?  
VISHANT PANKAR: My wife is a doctor and I was aware that there was no one else in the State who had set this up. I spent quite a bit of money and yes I was worried if the people would walk through the door but yes they did. It was the first hair, skin and cosmetic surgery clinic at the time. We are the market leaders. We are in the business of making people look beautiful. We were the first company to successfully transplant hair. Earlier we had 90% to 95% foreign tourists as clients but now we have locals who are almost 96% of our clients. 

HERALD: What kind of treatment is popular in Goa?
VP: Hair transplant is growing in popularity. If the father is bald, the son does not want to go down that road so he comes in for treatment. Liposuction is growing now with the growth of media. Breast implant is getting popular too as people get more information.   

HERALD: What are your plans for the business in the next five years?
VP:  Demand is growing year on year. We have four clinics Panjim, Calagute, Candolim and Margoa. I would like to maintain my position as market leader. We are a registered trade mark. And yes I intend to start a franchisee business that will go all over the country. The process has already commenced 

HERALD: What are the challenges doing business in Goa?
VP:  The State has only 14 lakh people and it is geographically scattered. In Goa conventional advertising does not really help you. Over here, it is word of mouth, if you do good work, the happy customer will recommend you. With regards to cosmetic surgery there is no medi-claim facility in the State. It is not possible to get a loan for cosmetic surgery. The State is not doing anything to promote Goa as a destination for medical tourism. Now is the time. The general awareness levels are improving and people are now increasingly body conscious. We should have a government policy to ensure that Goa becomes a destination. 

HERALD: Do you intend to diversify? 
VP:  Yes, I intend to set up a hotel in Morjim in the next two years.  

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