Apollo Hospitals to get 4 more robots for surgeries

Apollo Hospitals is planning to get four more robots for surgeries as the hospital is now performing an increasing number of surgeries using robotic technology, said V. Sripathi, senior consultant paediatric urologist and robotic surgeon, Apollo Children’s Hospital. The hospital already has four robots at its various branches.

Speaking to the press about the workshop on paediatric robotic urology that is being conducted by the hospital this weekend, Dr. Sripathi said 1,000 robotic surgeries had been performed at the Apollo main hospital and 80 at the children’s hospital.

“Primarily, the robot is used for urology surgeries, but is also used in obstetrics and gynaecology, ENT, thoracic, colo-rectal and bariatric procedures,” he said.

About 100 surgeons from across the country have arrived to participate in the workshop, where six surgeries will be demonstrated, he said.

The workshop is being led by Mohan Gundeti, chief of paediatric urology at the University of Chicago. The surgeons will be trained on the Da Vinci robot to perform complex surgeries.

Dr. Gudenti explained that the robot was an information system — the surgeon sat at a console with a 3-D magnified view, and his exact movements were transferred by the robot into the patient’s body, allowing for intricate movements without disturbing neighbouring parts of the body.

“With robotic surgeries there is reduced morbidity, the recovery time comes down and there is a human capital gain, studies have shown. Technology is neutral and operator-dependent — our goal is now to transfer skills and knowledge to help more children,” said Dr. Gundeti.

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