Colon Cancer Treatment & Surgery: What should You Know?

Colon cancer, also named as colorectal cancer orbowel cancer, is the 3rd most commonly diagnosed cancer around the world. The cancer may grow and spread into the muscle layers in the lower body organs. Colon is a part of the intestines that comprises of the small intestine and the large intestine. The large intestine is divided into the ascending colon, the descending colon and the transverse colon, followed by a short rectum, just before the anus. 2/3rds of these cancers occur in the colon and 1/3rd in the rectum, and very few in the small intestine.Colon cancers arise from adenomatous polyps present in the colon. These mushroom-shaped tumors are generally benign, but some may develop into cancer with time. Localized colon cancer is typically diagnosed through colonoscopy.

How To Identify Colon Cancer?
Common signs of colon cancer include anemia and rectal bleeding. It is also linked with weight loss and changed bowel habits. The signs are dependent on where exactly the tumor is present.
·         Leaking of bowel substances into the pelvis can cause swelling and infection.
·         Change in regularity or character of stool.
·         Small-caliber or ribbon-like stools.
·         Sensation of unfinishedwithdrawal after a bowel movement.
·         Rectal bleeding can be unseen and chronic that may show up as an iron deficiency anemia later.
Diagnosis for Colon Cancer
  • Colonoscopy – A device called endoscope is injected into the rectum and through the colon and doctor can examine the entire colon from this device.
  • Colon biopsy incudes various test and examinations including computerized tomography (CT or CAT) scans.
  • Endoscopic ultrasoundand magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)is used to determine stage of rectal cancer.
  • Sigmoidoscopy - Only left side of the colon is viewed through the endoscope device. It cannot be used to view the middle and right sides of the colon.
  • Fecal occult blood test (FOBT)along with Complete blood count (CBC)is performed to check for anemia and CT , MRI or PET scans of the abdomen, pelvic area.

Treatment for Colon Cancer in India
Targeted Therapy –involves using of certain substances and medications in order to target particular cancer cells without causing any harm to nearby normal cells.Angiogenesis Inhibitors and Monoclonal Antibodies are the two types of  targeted therapy used.

Surgery - is the most important aspect of the treatment and involves in removal of the diseased section of the colon along with sufficient margins of the intestines, surrounding tissue and lymph nodes. Different surgeries are Polypectomy, Local excision, Resection, Pelvic exenteration. These surgeries depend upon the area affected by cancer.

Chemotherapy -Certain types of medicines are used for preventing the growth of cancer cells or for completely destroying the cancer cells.

Radiation therapy -High-energy beams are used for terminating cancer cells. Internal radiation and external radiation are the 2 types of radiation therapies commonly used depending on the stage and type of the colon cancer.

Palliation -Palliative treatment is required for the unresectable, incurable or metastatic conditions.

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